Townhall Second Quarter of 2018

Townhall is an annual event held by Metro Parking (M) Sdn Bhd twice a year. The objective of this event is focusing on the company’s performance for the quarter of the respective year (2018).

This 2nd quarter 2018 Townhall event held on Dewan Perdana, Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia on last 5 September 2018. The event was organized by Kelab Sukan dan Rekreasi Metro Parking (M), started at 2 pm and ended by 4.30 pm.

The highlight of the event was the performance of each department such as Technical & Engineering Department, Marketing & Development, Management Information System (MIS), Corporate Support Division, Account & Finance, Operation, and Human Resource Division.

Our Managing Director, Mr. Abdul Jalil bin Pandi and Executive Director, Mr. Shahrul Azmi bin Bandi are the panelists throughout the meeting. We discussed how to improve our service from all sort of division and department as there’s less than half of the said department achieved KPI more than 50%. We also open a Q&A session so that our employees could communicate directly with the managers and CEO.

Other than that, Metro Parking (M) introduced a program called Activ@Work that collaborates with Perkeso. This program aims to encourage the participating companies to help their employees to stay active wherever they at their workplace.

The employees only need to download an app called BookDoc via Google Play or App Store. They may select Activ button and it will be an activity tracker and start to count one’s walking or running activities. The winner (a company) will be going home with prizes worth RM 30 000 including a trophy, certificate, set examination set for the workplace. The winning company has a right to use Activ@Work 2018 Most Active Employer logo in their company’s marketing collateral.

Meanwhile, there are prizes of Mi Band 2 Smartphone and a Health Screening worth RM 300 for the most active employee.