Cashless Constraints

A spokesman from Metro Parking Malaysia (MPM) said the company always advises its clients to offer more than one payment component, in case one method is disrupted.

“We suggest that both cash and cashless payment methods are offered. There are several types of cashless options – season pass, TnG, MyKad, mobile apps and e-wallet,” he said.

“Offering multi-payment solutions also allows users who cannot use their TnG cards to enter (such as when there is insufficient minimum card balance) to have the choice of opting for a ticket instead.

“Ultimately, the building owner has the final say on the payment systems to be used and fee structure. The building owner is also the decision-maker on what financial returns they wish to receive from the parking facility.

The spokesman said the TnG system in many parking facilities was separately implemented, maintained and managed under an agreement between TnG and the building owners.

“As a professional carpark management company, MPM supports building owner clients on the TnG requirements by facilitating the accounting and payment collection via our accounting systems.

“We are unable to comment on the TnG surcharge or minimum balance, as we do not collect this surcharge while the building owner makes the decision on the minimum balance,” he said.

The spokesman said going cashless has many benefits and MPM fully supports this initiative.

“Cashless payments promote efficiency and convenience, reduces the risk of theft and loss to the building owners and parking operators, as well as lowers the risk of robbery and injury to parking operator staff and technicians.

“Those without TnG cards can even use their Mykads with TnG feature. The value can be topped up at most toll gates, petrol stations and convenience stores,” he said.


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