Metro Parking Group aims to be the largest parking operator with our initial emphasis on Asia’s market and establish our operation in other continents. Established in March 1991, Metro Parking has expanded its wings to 6 countries including Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Hong Kong over 17 years after the establishment. Metro Parking was once emerged as Malaysia’s car park industry leader with total of 28 047 bays in 1994! The numbers are increasing over the years.

The Directors, Management and the whole team of Metro Parking are mainly individuals and professionals who have substantial expertise and vast experience in car park management. Continuous efforts were also taken to train new managers and younger executives to ensure the continuous glory of the company.
We develop our business and relationships by focusing on a value-added strategy that exceeds customers’ expectations and creates competitive advantages. Our priority is to maximizing the profit and make Metro Parking continue to be a customer oriented organization.