Metro Parking managing all aspects of the car parks operations. This includes:

  • Guaranteed Rental
    • The Owner will receive a guaranteed rental payable at a fixed time every month, allowing the owner to have a consistent financial planning.
  • Management Contract
    • Management Contract is an alternative to the guaranteed lease. With this method, the operator’s responsibilities remain the same. However, the operating costs and the Car Park Operator’s fees are borne from the revenues of the car park. The Operator’s fees being agreed before sign up the contract.
    • This method allows the owner in the loop over the car park operations and is particularly useful when commencing operations at a new building or complex. Promotional campaigns, validations and other car park marketing tools can be utilized easily without the stringent conditions governing the guaranteed lease rental.
  • Seasons Pass Management
    • Seasons Pass Management is facilitating and administering the season pass by Metro Parking. Metro Parking provides the service of consolidating and administering season pass revenue generated in the car park.
  • Joint Venture Agreement
    • These operations methods provide the owner in a tactical management of the car park. All operating profit (minus operating expenses) is split in direct proportion to the equity held by both parties.